Welcome to A Journal of Shelton Ancestry.  Together we will travel through time and learn about our ancestors and the times and things through which they lived.  Together we will bring the memories of them and their families to the present.  Together we will remember the past.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Juliet Wills

    Hello, your “Journay of Shelton Ancestry” is a wonderful piece of genealogical collection of records to support the Shelton ancestry for by now thousands of descendants, which I am one. I descend from Sally Shelton, daughter of Daniel Shelton and Lettice Young, who married Rev. Thomas Payne, via their son John L. Payne.

    Please add Sally Shelton’s name (as daughter of Daniel and Lettice Young Shelton) on your webpage SHELTON FAMILY HISTORY. Her name was inadvertently left off of the ten children list. All of you work is outstanding, but the SHELTON FAMILY HISTORY (link on blogroll) is supremely well documented.

    THANK YOU for all the efforts made to document this WONDERFUL bloodline!


    • Thank you ever so much, Juliet, for all your positive comments. It means a lot to me.

      I am SO happy that you’ve let me know about Sally Shelton / Payne information! I will update it as soon as I get home from taking my puppy to see the vet today! 😀

      I have SO much additional information to put into all of these pages… you wouldn’t believe it if you saw all (42) of my banker’s boxes and six drawers in my file cabinets! 😉

      I just hope I live long enough to finish all the inputs!


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